About Us

Charlie + Samantha Candle Company was created in 2018 as a passion project and evolved into a full fledge business. Candles have always been a huge part of my life and an essential component of my self-care routine. Scents have the ability to lift my mood and as a bonus - my house always smells amazing.

I chose the name Charlie + Samantha to pay homage to my favorite childhood movie The Long Kiss Goodnight. The main character battled with identifying which side of herself to accept and later learned to embrace her duality. This movie has always resonated with me because I am incredibly laid back and mild-mannered, however, when I am passionate about something, I attack it without mercy until I’m content. I’ve applied this same mentality and duality to my business.

Charlie and Samantha represents the soft, artistic, and soothing sides of my personality as well as the relentlessness I apply to my passions and goals. Every single candle is hand-poured and my hope is that you enjoy them as much as I love creating them.